You Did it!

Women who achieved their ideal weight did these 7 things incredibly well. Learn these skills and you’ll be on your way to permanent weight loss. These will also be mailed to you!

  1. They understood the SCIENCE behind WHY they gained weight leading up to and in their menopausal years. - There’s a science behind why we women gain weight as we age. Even if our eating and exercising habits have not changed, we gain weight as we age. Menopausal women who achieved their ideal weight, had a deep understanding of the science behind their original weight gain. That understanding is the critical first step!

  2. They understood the MOST EFFECTIVE way to lose their menopausal weight. - Menopausal women who successfully lost weight will tell you it’s different than when they were in their 20’s. They cannot simply exercise more and have the pounds drop off. It no longer works that way. Successful menopausal weight loss happens once you understand this and learn the most effective weight loss strategies for our age group.

  3. They “failed forward” - When we are toddlers, we never learn to walk on our very first try. It doesn’t work that way. We fall flat on our faces over and over again in the beginning. But with each try, we “fail forward”. We learn and grow as we develop the skill of walking. Learning how to lose weight and keep it off is very similar. Nobody is ever successful at losing weight in the beginning. But we learn something new that allows us to “fail forward” as we develop the skills necessary to lose weight.

  4. They loved themselves through the process - Women who successfully lose weight don’t beat themselves up with every mis-step. They don’t punish themselves or think any less of themselves. Instead, they learn to love themselves through the process of losing weight. They look at every stumble with curiosity and compassion and then they move on.

  5. They knew it wasn’t going to be easy and that was okay - Women who successfully lose weight aren’t looking for the quick and easy path. They know that does not have long-lasting results. They understand that losing weight is not easy and that’s okay. They are all-in on themselves. They are all-in with doing what it takes to lose weight. And they are all-in with taking the hard path.

  6. They celebrated all the little “wins” along the way - Women who lose weight keep their positive momentum by celebrating all the small “wins” along the way. They celebrate when they allow an urge to eat 10 cookies without reacting to it. They celebrate when they feel their emotions instead of covering them up by eating. They celebrate when they stay on protocol for one day. They celebrate when they go to a restaurant and order what they want for the long-term instead of ordering what they want in the moment. They celebrate when they get right back on track after faltering.

  7. They realized they couldn’t do it aloneMany people try to lose weight on their own. They feel they should be able to do this without the help of someone else. But then they realize they’ve been trying this approach for so long without success. That’s when they try a different tact. They come to the conclusion that they need help from someone else for support and encouragement to get to their ideal weight…whether that’s a friend, a spouse, a co-worker, or a coach. Women who successfully lose weight and keep it off do so by teaming up with someone else to conquer their weight loss goals.

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