Amanda's Story

Amanda had been working in the IT field for 21 years.

She was good at what she did and made a comfortable salary.

She was able to support herself and her family.

And her job was basically secure.

But, somehow, she felt bored.

Like she had untapped potential.

She felt there was something else for her and her career.

But she wasn’t quite sure what that was.

The work weeks started to go by slower and slower.

Over the years, she became less satisfied with her “status quo” career.

She cringed at the thought of being in this exact same position one, five, or ten years from now.

She felt bad for even questioning it.

But there it was.

That’s when she came to me for help.

Together we explored her situation.

And talked about all of her options.

The process of really diving deep was what she needed.

She discovered the true reason she was holding back.

And she realized just how many different directions she could take her career.

She was inspired to finally take action.

Amanda’s only regret was not going “all in” on herself earlier.

Are you in a similar situation?

Give it some thought…

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