Are You on Hold?

Do you feel like you put your life on hold right now during COVID-19?

Did you hit the “pause” button?

Are you, in a way, in a kind of suspended motion?

Do you find yourself waiting for COVID-19 to “pass” before you… get organized, plan your next career move, lose weight, clean out your closets, call that friend you haven’t spoken with in over a

year, etc?

If you are nodding your head as you read this, then let me offer a different line of thinking.

What if you thought of this as your time?

What if you thought of this as the perfect time?

What if you stopped waiting, stopped being stagnant, and started moving forward?

What if you started progressing, learning, growing, reaching, deciding, and taking action?

What if you were not “on hold”?

What would you do?

And, better yet, how would that make you feel?

Give it some thought…

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