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All of us feel confused at some point or another.

Confused about what to have for dinner.

Confused about what to do next weekend.

Confused about where we should be.

Confused about what we should be doing.

Confused about where we’re headed.

Confused about our career path.

But, I want to offer a different way of thinking about confusion.

I believe that being in a state of confusion is actually a choice.

We tell ourselves we are confused about something.

That we don’t understand, we don’t know, or we cannot make a decision about something.

But that’s not entirely true.

More often than not, we know the answer.

It’s in us.

The next time you find yourself indulging in confusion, take a quick time-out.

And ask yourself, “If I did know (fill in the blank), what would I do?”

Be open to answering your own question.

Then move forward.

Give it some thought…