FIFA Women's World Cup

I love observing women work hard, give it their all, and succeed.

Earlier this month, I witnessed 23 amazing women on the US Women’s National Team do just that in the FIFA Women’s World Cup…the incredible soccer event that only happens once every four years.

This is THE biggest stage for professional soccer players.

As I watched the team come out onto the pitch and start warming up for the quarter final match in Paris, I got to thinking just how much they prepared, trained, and sweat to get to this point.

I figure, it all came down to DECISIONS.

Decisions ahead of time.

Decisions they made every day.

The big decisions and the small decisions too.

They likely made decisions ahead of time about all aspects in their lives.

Decisions about food, sleep, fitness, training, hydration protocols, footwear, social events, travel itineraries, family commitments, etc.

Day in and day out.

Month after month.

Year after year.

They honored their decisions and stuck with it for the long haul.

They decided to stick with it not just when it was easy, but also when it was hard.

They decided to stick with it when they doubted themselves.

They decided to stick with it when they felt overwhelmed.

They decided to stick with it when they were exhausted.

They decided to stick with it when they experienced failure.

For them, all of it paved the road to the World Cup.

What decisions are you making to reach your goals?

Give it some thought…

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