How to Get 5 More Hours Out of EVERY Day

Ever wish you had more time?

Ever wish you weren’t as “busy” as you are?

Do you often feel frazzled trying to squeeze it all in to your day?

As if you’re constantly running from one thing to another?

With little or no control?

What if I told you there’s a way to get 5 more hours out of every day?

Would you be up for that?

Here are the steps…

First, start by writing down ALL the things you want to do.

All the big life goals AND all the little piddly daily stuff too. 

Get it all out of your head and own on paper.  All of it.

Second, spend the first 20 minutes of every day PLANNING how you will spend your time that day.

Make sure you work in some time for both the big stuff and the piddly stuff too, every day.

Also work in time to relax and recharge, that’s important too.

Finally, HONOR your commitments to yourself.

This may be challenging at first…because when it comes time to do what you’ve planned, your

brain will definitely NOT be up for that.

Your brain will think eating Cheez It’s would be a much better use of your time.

But stay the course.

Honor your commitments to yourself.

If you always kept your word to yourself, and followed through on your best laid plans, how would your life be different than it is now?

When you do this, it actually energizes you because you’re not frantically rushing.

You’re honoring your calendar.

You’re in control.

And, since your time is spent in a meaningful way, you don’t end up letting it all float away on less important things that you’d otherwise get caught up in…watching more TV than you intended, surfing the web longer than you wanted, etc.

You essentially GAIN time each day.

If you make plans and honor them, you do things in your life that you intentionally want instead of living on “default”mode.

This creates an amazing amount of self confidence and success.

This is you choosing to never be “busy” for busy’s sake.

This is you not letting all your time float by without accomplishing what you really want.

This is you gaining 5 more hours out of every day and doing what you actually want.

Give it some thought…

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