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I'm the Difference

Today I was walking between two hospital pavilions and I saw a lady wearing purple in front of me.

I’m a fast walker and I was catching up to her quickly.

As I got closer, I noticed that she was wearing a lavender top with a deeper lavender cardigan and purple pants.

In addition, her phone, the top of which was peaking out of her shoulder bag, had a purple phone cover on it.

When I reached the side of her, I looked to her and smiled and asked, “Is your favorite color purple?”

She laughed nervously and explained that it’s her way of supporting her favorite NFL football team.

We continued to talk and walk and her nervousness seemed to dissipate quickly.

She told me that her husband was undergoing a medical procedure just then and she was walking the hospital hallways to keep herself occupied and avoid being overcome with worry. She told me about her children and her grandchildren too.

We talked for a while and at the end of our conversation, she told me that I was “the difference” for her.

Somehow my conversation made her feel more at ease and passed the time faster for her.

She didn’t worry about her husband as much as she would have otherwise.

She was incredibly thankful.

She hugged me.

It was amazing how such little effort on my part could be “the difference” for someone else in such an impactful and positive way.

Give it some thought…