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It's Okay!

Humans live in a 50/50 world.

This means that half the time we feel good and half the time we feel bad.

Or half the time we feel positive and half the time we feel negative.

That’s the deal.

For our whole lives.

That’s the human experience.

And it’s okay.

We will have days when we nail it and days when we slog through it.

You’ve lived both of these kinds of days.

So have I.

And it’s okay.

Without the one, we would not appreciate the other.

But, remember, we can make the bad worse by feeling bad about feeling bad.

Try not to do that.

On the bad days, just let yourself feel bad.

And know that it’s okay.

It’s part of the 50/50.

We are humans.

And this is the deal and it’s okay.

Give it some thought…