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Managing Your Time

Lots of people think that “time management” is doing something productive ALL of the time.

I would disagree.

I would offer that “time management” is using your time purposefully.

That does not mean that you have to be going 100 mph every day, all day.

It means that you have to purposefully choose how you use the time you have.

For example, maybe you decompress by watching TV.

You can purposefully choose and plan to watch TV for 1 hour every evening. And that’s ok.

It’s when you don’t choose and plan how to use your time that things tend to get out of control.

That’s when 1 hour of TV watching turns into 4 hours.

And then you feel bad that you did not use some of that time writing that book, or making that important phone call, etc.

The secret to managing your time is to purposefully plan how you use it…that includes planning in relaxation time, decompression time, etc.

Give it some thought…