The Truth About Having Too Much To Do

There are days when we feel we simply have too much to do.

There’s the laundry.

And that pile of mail.

And the family function coming up.

And so-and-so’s wedding next week.

And that thing at work that we’ve been procrastinating about.

And the commitment to that friend that we made last week.

The list goes on and on.

Ever have those days?

And when it’s all jumbled around in our head, we have this feeling of being overwhelmed.

And what do we do with that feeling?


We do nothing at all.

Isn’t that so strange?

It goes like this…

There’s tons to do, it feels like too much, we feel overwhelmed, and then…we do nothing.

We sit on the sofa and think about all of it.

And we continue to feel overwhelmed.

And then we stagnate…we come to an all-stop.

Which, of course, does not accomplish anything at all.

It simply perpetuates the feeling of being overwhelmed.

And what good is that?

There’s nothing positive or productive about letting ourselves feel overwhelmed.

The next time you feel yourself in that place, that we’ve all been at one time or another, take a moment to recognize it for what it is. 

And choose to stop indulging in overwhelm.

Choose to get moving, make decisions, and take action.

Give it some thought…

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