Using Our Prefrontal Cortex for Weight Loss

Your brain is amazing.

And when it comes to losing weight, your brain is your key to success.

In order to lose weight, we need to use the part of our brains that differentiate us from animals, this is our prefrontal cortex.  

The prefrontal cortex allows us to plan our meals ahead of time.

Which, in turn, allow us to reach our desired weight goal.

We want to make sure the prefrontal cortex is in charge of all eating decisions.

And we want to ensure we make our eating decisions ahead of time.

That allows us to be deliberate about what we choose to eat.

This is key to making smart decisions about food to lose weight.

Because when we make decisions in the “spur of the moment”, we’re less likely to honor our long-term weight loss goals and more likely to “give in” to the present moment.

And if you want to make a food “exception”, that’s ok.

You just need to make that decision ahead of time too, by using your prefrontal cortex.

Always plan any type of exception 24 hours ahead of time.

Never make unplanned exceptions.

You want to keep your prefrontal cortex in control at all times.

This is a skill that takes practice…but it’s well worth it.

Do this again and again and you’ll definitely get closer to your desired weight.

Give it some thought…

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