Weight Loss & Exercise

A lot of people believe that they just need to exercise more than they currently are to lose weight.

So many people exercise hard and often.

But they don’t see results on the scale like they’d like.

In fact, many don’t see the number on the scale budge in a favorable way at all.

So they exercise more. And then more.

And when they still don’t see the scale change in a favorable way, they get frustrated and give up.

They completely throw out their weight loss goals when the scale does not change.

They totally throw in the towel.

They chalk it up to another attempt gone wrong.

And they end up feeling they just were never meant to lose weight at all.

But did you know that losing weight is more closely tied to monitoring food intake?

Think about it this way…

Since the condition of being over weight is due to overeating, then it make sense that the most impactful actions to take to lose weight are around monitoring food intake.

After all, there are plenty of thin people in the world that don’t typically exercise.

I recommend using exercise to improve cardiovascular health, relieve stress, build muscle, and get connected with your body.

But I don’t recommend exercise as a weight loss tool.

Monitoring food intake…what we eat, how often we eat, and how much we eat…has SO much more impact on weight loss than exercising.

Give it some thought…

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