Why Am I Not Happy All the Time (The 50/50 Balance)

Do you ever wonder why you’re not happy ALL of the time?

If you look at other people’s FaceBook pages, it may appear that they are happy ALL the time.

They post about the wonderful things going on in their lives ALL of the time.

Can that really be true?

Is that really accurate?

Are they simply happy all the time?

I will tell you, if they are human beings, the answer is No.

The human experience correlates to the 50/50 balance.

Life is 50% positive and 50% negative. Period. All the time. Whoever you are.

Famous actors, artists, billionaires, your neighbor, and your best friend.

We are all living lives that consist of half and half, positive and negative.

There is good and there is bad.

There is comfort and there is discomfort.

There is happiness and unhappiness.

The one does not exist without the other.

This is the complete human experience.

The 50/50 balance is an equal balance between positive and negative emotions.

We need to embrace all of it in order to live fully.

Just know this is the case and learn how to be with your negative emotion.

If you resist or avoid the negative emotion, you make it bigger.

If you allow negative emotion, it flows and processes easier.

Allow, process, and move through negative emotion.

Also consider, to be happy all of the time, you’d have to be happy when terrible things happen…that’s not reality.

Reality is to be human all of the time, which is the 50/50 balance.

I’d also suggest that, to some extent, we can choose our 50% negative.

We can move toward negative emotion in order to achieve big goals…because getting there will feel uncomfortable and scary. It may make us feel nervous and anxious. None of these are positive emotions. But we need to feel them and allow them in order to take huge action in our lives.

Life is made up of good AND bad. There is a balance. All of the time.

Learn to allow negative emotion as part of the human experience.

Give it some thought…

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